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Littlestown Borough Mayor & Police Department

Littlestown Borough Mayor & Police Department

Littlestown Borough Mayor

James Eline, Sr
(717) 359-4511 Ext.100

The Mayor’s main function is to control the day-to-day activities of the Littlestown Police Department. Other duties – perform marriages; administer oaths of office and affirmations in matters pertaining to Borough affairs; and to serve as the representative of the municipal government at community activities. The Mayor serves as the people’s spokesman to the Borough of Littlestown.

Littlestown Police Department

The Littlestown Police Department has a long and proud history of service to the Littlestown community. The Police Department is a full-service police department which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing our citizens with protection using the latest in technology, equipment, and continuing education and training. The Police Department is responsible for patrolling the community, responding to calls from citizens, and investigating and enforcing criminal and traffic laws of the Commonwealth and the Borough of Littlestown. 


41 S Columbus Ave
Littlestown Pa 17340
Office Open from 8am to 12pm
After Hours Phone: 717-624-2101 

Littlestown Police Department Direct Lines

Police Office Phone Number (717) 359-4511
Fax (717) 359-8380
Deb Hilker, Police Secretary: Ext 110 
Charles Kellar, Chief of Police: Ext 320 
Sergeant Reed, Ext 170
Detective Spielman, Ext 190
Officer Gearhart, Ext 200
Officer Lupian, Ext 210 
Officer Gilberto, Ext 180
Officer Geof Smith, Ext 160
Officer Travis Smith, Ext 120
Officer Columbis, Ext 140 

Police non-emergency 

Phone number is (717) 624-2101 

*It is used for non-emergencies to get a quicker response from the Officer(s) on duty*